In November 1998 the people of Polk County voted by a wide margin to adopt a charter form of government that allows them to propose ordinances and amendments by the initiative process.

The Charter was a product of the Charter Commission which met from 1997 to late 1998. They considered among other things, term-limits for county elected officials. In a survey conducted for the commission at taxpayer expense of $12,000, 66-70% of Polk Countians polled supported term-limits. Despite the results term-limits was not included in the Charter.


In January following the passage of the Charter The Ledger newspaper listed term-limits and paying county commissioners what the voter thought they were worth among it's recommended public policy goals. They concluded that the ability of Polk Countians to change the Charter to suit themselves through the initiative process was the "overriding" issue.

It's clear that the issues of term-limits and paying commissioners what the people think they're worth should have their day at the ballot box. To that end the Home Rule Charter Committee of Polk County was formed.


Download petitions, print with Acrobat Reader , sign them and mail!

Read the ballot title, ballot summary and charter language of each proposed charter amendment online.


Please consider becoming involved in helping to place these important initiatives on the ballot in November by volunteering.

Home Rule Charter Committee, PO Box 7310, Lakeland, FL 33807
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